29 Jun 2019


As the board exams are just round the corner children should buck up and start preparing. The exams for Class 12 students are set to begin from March 1 and continues till April. 

For the proper understanding of concepts one must refer to the below mentioned books.

List of the important books for class 12th (commerce):


You’ll be studying, the basics of accounting, GAAP, the accounting standards, book of original entry, recording of transaction.

These books will help you for better receptivity-

  1.  D K Goel
  2. T S Grewal
  3.  U-Like CBSE Sample Papers

Business studies gives a clear picture of the nature of business, the types of industries and the activities of commerce, internal trade and international business.

The best reference books for this subject include-

  1. C B Gupta
  2. Jagdish Sharma’s Prachi business studies
  3. Subhash Dey
  4. Richard Parsons A-2 level business studies
  5. U-Like for business studies

This is extremely interesting subject.  I t includes agricultural, industrial sectors, foreign trade, demographic condition, occupational structure, five year plans, trade policy, liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. 

reference books for Economics are-

  1. T R Jain & V K Okhri
  2. Sandeep Garg
  3. U-Like papers for economis

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