01 Jul 2019


                                                            Class 11th preparation

Children studying in class 11th are going through one of the most important phase of their school life.

When they reach class 11th they take one of the most important decision of their life. Choosing an appropriate stream in class 11th can help students achieve their life goals. Every stream is equally important and one can reach great heights in life if they choose their streams according to their interest, potential and traits.

Generally, children scoring good result in class 10th are assumed to opt science but one should opt science only when they have a keen interest in science and technology.

When it comes to a “science student”, a great competition stands behind them for which a lot of perseverance, dedication and hard work is required.

But when each and every student out there is putting in a lot of efforts and determination then why is one of them being the topper and other being at the end of the race?   
Because we think hard work is sufficient but in real smart work plays the lead role.


1.   Students pursuing science in class 11th have mainly 5 subjects and an additional subject      which is optional. There are multiple options to select under science category :
    ●  Physics, Chemistry , Maths [ One language + 5th subject as per choice]
    ●  Physics, Chemistry , Biology [ One language + 5th subject as per choice]
    ●  Physics, Chemistry , Maths , Biology [ One language subject]

Often students are confused in selecting their 5th main subject. Here is a list of subjects which help children in their career:

    ● Computer science
    ● Economics
    ● Physical education
    ● Biotech
    ● Psychology
    ● Home Science
    ● Fine Arts

Students can select other subjects too if they have a genuine interest in those subjects.

Preparing for exams:

Preparing for exams in class 11th is a long process and cannot be achieved in just one night.
Constant practice is required over the year.

Physics: Class 11th physics is mainly divided in 3 parts: Classical, Thermodynamics & Acoustic.

A student must refer to the following books for physics:

  1. NCERT
  2. NCERT Exemplar
  3. Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics or New Simplified Physics -SL Arora
  4. Concept of physics – HC Verma
  5. Physics books by DC Pandey { if student wants to prepare for competitive exams}
  6. General Physics – IE Irodov { Only for very difficult questions}

Chemistry: Class 11th chemistry in divided mainly in 3 parts: Physical, Inorganic and Organic chemistry.

A student must refer to the following books for chemistry:

  1. NCERT
  2. NCERT Exemplar
  3. Pradeep’s Chemistry or Modern ABC Chemistry
  4. Self Master of Chemistry {Question Bank}
  5. RC Mukherjee and JD LEE {For competitive exam preparation only}

Mathematics: Class 11th introduces new topics and concepts in Maths, which needs a extensive practice.

A student must refer to the following books for Mathematics:

  1. NCERT
  2. NCERT Exemplar
  4. Previous Year Question Banks { For school level as well as competitive exam preparation}


When it comes to preparation, it is a mixture of multiple factors, i.e., Student’s efforts, Teacher’s efficiency and Parental support.

Children at this age are like winds filled with a lot of energy.
Here at FQ Academy we aim to guide them towards their goals.
We give the best faculty to students which doesn’t only teaches them but guides them towards their bright future.
It’s difficult for children to study these many books in just one year and we try to make it easy for them. We juice out the best of each book in our study materials so that students can learn the most efficiently.

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